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    Welcome abord dear passingers
    This is your devil speaking
    The emergency exit is on your right
    Don?t forget this is a no smoking flight

    For all the shit you?ve done in history
    I?m the one always to be blamed
    For all your mistakes that you cannot named
    The devil is guilty, the devil again

    The time has come for you to know
    I am victim of propaganda war

    We are cruising at 20000 feet
    Imagine how it must be cold
    You can see an old person on the clouds
    That person, that is God

    He has hard hard time dealing with you all
    It hidh tine now for new standards to be set
    I can help you with a friendly advice
    Let?s sign peace agreement, wouldn?t it be nice?

    The time?

    I?m talking to you in the business class
    You are the ones who can understand
    You have the power, you have the means
    Sponsor my action if you please

    The time has come?

    Cosa ne pensi di "The Devil In The Busines" di Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra?

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