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    I?m Willful and I?m skillful
    I?m d d d delightful
    And I find myself mixed
    Between beauty and the beast

    Kill them quick is my motto
    Than police take a photo
    Than police take a photo
    On a sunny side of street

    The wolf I like the most
    He refused to be a dog
    He refused to be a dog
    Just like Lesi was

    Just show me a bloke
    And in seconds I ?ll choke
    In second like tomato
    Like tomato I?ll squeeze

    I?m hit and I?m fit
    And I never never quit
    When I bleed I bleed
    Like James Cagny on the screen

    I shit and I spit
    And I don?t care a bit
    I am proud and I happy
    Cos I am not a human been

    I never feel sadness
    I never feel pain
    With my cunning and with my stealth
    I don?t need a brain

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