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    You've got this little fantasy
    involving a revolving door
    You've got no itch for the train tracks
    You ask me what that suitcase is for
    And I can feel the earth in your eyes
    when they look upon me
    I wish I could stay rooted under these open skies
    but I like the way the earth moves me.

    Do you remember sweet Saginaw
    your first ride on a train
    with your head out the window
    and your timid little tongue
    just tasting the rain
    and your feet tapping the toerest
    this is the rhythm I began to live with
    and there were no superhero powers
    and no mind control games
    it was just your eyes in the morning
    and their warm save gleam

    I have been blessed.

    My penny jar gets me just south of Charleston
    where the cabbie drops me off at the curb
    he says I could get you all the way to New York
    if you had the money and a little nerve
    But the phone booth is singing me a song
    and I am sailing away
    I say I know I will get farther
    but probably not today

    And I see a seagull
    in ruins on the sidewalk
    his feathers are all cloggin up the drainway
    all white and wet and lost
    but this is no signal
    yes i've seen it all before
    my body's screaming for your tidepool
    but ah the skyline, the open door

    I have been blessed.

    You know I still get your letters
    the ones with the lingering women
    but the empty home
    and I know I can fill up those spaces
    but right now I'm better off alone
    because I am just your kind of woman
    I am just your kind of girl
    I just wanted to tear open the porthole
    I wanted to see the world

    I have been blessed.

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