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    Memory was scattered
    on a lot of overgrown grass
    with her hands glittering in the sun
    and the neighborhood kids
    were all out on their knees
    searching for the last treasures
    of the easter egg hunt

    but you had a story against
    all those delicate knees
    you had a gash in your finger
    from the night before
    and the water is gathered into a tepid pool
    and your hands were only reaching out for more

    there was a rain dance last night
    except we were all drunk
    and when you opened your eyes you couldn't see
    the fever started deep in our throats
    and when you came to
    you reached out for me

    bare feet against a palisade
    of wet stinging glass
    where the hell do i step next
    you've got your questions
    but i don't have my answers
    ready yet
    and i'm going South
    You're going to come with me
    i know that it's crazy
    i know that you're unsure
    but i've got nothing to hide this time
    the grass is cradling your conscience
    the next one's gonna be mine

    in the morning we awoke backs up against cold glass
    locked out of the house
    and seething
    memory's in the kitchen righting
    the last of her wrongs
    and what she wanted to tell you
    is that she liked you all along


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