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    Four o'clock
    is stirring up a mess in the kitchen
    the girl outside makes houses
    out of sewer debris
    and he walks up along the picket fence
    with his hands in his pockets
    with his eyes on the west
    you've got a lot of nerve
    what the hell am I gonna do with this dress
    but you know it's absurd
    because I've got a ticket to the end.

    She's waving her underwear
    out the window driving West
    they alternate the driving
    with hologram hotels
    and seedy afternoons
    they never mention the rest
    but what the pioneers never told you
    is that when you see the ocean
    you can't drive anymore
    so they parked the car
    at the cliff
    and they peered down at all the little lemmings
    who took their lives that way


    This is no love story with some perpetual ending
    this is no day with some real sad news
    she says thanks for dragging me out of my kitchen
    but if you'll please excuse me
    i've got something better to do.



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