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    He liked the little girls
    with the guitars
    most of all
    because they symbolized
    a passion he couldn't face
    in his fingers
    sometimes he would sit next to them
    while they played on the curb for money
    and he would thing of things to say
    while little girl A wasn't singing

    he says i've got nothing for you
    except a quarter
    and maybe a smile
    but if you'll let me
    i'd just like to sit here
    for a while
    listening to you
    and your

    conversations between
    fingers and strings
    and hey little thing
    i don't know much about you
    except your fingers
    are telling me a story
    that i've always wanted to hear

    when she left it was always
    the traffic making the music
    and the wind taking its toll
    and a bottle of beer
    was no bottle of magic anymore

    the crazy thing about musicians
    is that they're always leaving a trail
    they cannot see
    and now she is screaming at the curb
    two years later
    because he was the only one
    who really believed


    what was it about her fingers
    what was it about her fingers
    that told
    the story so well?

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