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    I said maybe I would call
    but I wouldn't say when or why or how
    and if you had a question
    I said I'd meet you somehow
    in the corridors of those years
    I still mind the answers
    and I have beer in the fridge now

    If I see you here
    I will kindly step aside
    let you walk on by
    capturing the sky
    only you could bring me down
    only you could bring me alive

    If I could lie beside you
    in the kind notion that
    I would leave you soon
    Oh I like you, but I don't like you enough
    I like you, but I don't find you soothing.

    There's siren going off in my belly
    I do have a nice little lie machine
    for you to snack on
    if you want the urgency
    she says the urgency
    will always fill up your stomach.

    Oh, if you could taste the difference
    in my tongue
    yeah it laughs now,
    it minds the weather
    I like you, but I don't like you enough
    I like you, but you were not worth saving.

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