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    Annadel laughs while she tells her stories
    and the rain trickles on down her cheeks
    She says I've always been a creek kind of lady
    just like Bodega Bay adores the sea

    and often they admire her curves
    on the hottest of holidays
    and the drug induced city people
    drag their tired souls through the trees
    and the view is high up and deep down
    from this place of airy ground
    I miss you more than I can say

    You see you know the city
    you hear its prayers
    and the streetlights begging on their knees
    saying we've got a sea full of sailors
    who are so lost they will never come clean

    Crazy how you do it
    with one sweet breath of highlighter grass
    and come hither, see it as it is
    your naughty little highway
    that roaring little mess
    and hold my hand, like my father said
    that one august afternoon

    when it took just one little match
    she said it hurts like hell,
    but it was only a scratch
    and she only burned as far as the barbed wire fence
    i looked up into her cool blue reflection
    and saw the airplane tracks

    only you can quell the city
    of its mindless chatter
    and the hunger that comes nightly
    cause when the bars are all closed
    and the last sailor has sailed home
    only you can make it come clean

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