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    I keep on fear, keep on loathing
    Nothing brings it on I keep on falling
    Decide what it is I can not find
    It's subsides what you make it
    Never feel like you're gonna break it
    It's gonna be alright alright
    Sleep until the morning comes
    The sun will warm your soul
    Sleep until the morning comes for you
    Til the morning it's alright
    I can walk into the sunlight, into the day, into the day, to the day
    I feel it falling, nothing comes to my mind
    Bring it on in a different tide
    I feel alright, alright
    I feel strong, i feel rigid
    It's nothing to do with the vision
    Oh feels so right, so right
    Sleep on tight, sleep on tight
    Sleep until the sunlight
    Sleep until sunlight
    Sleep on tight
    Sleep on tight
    Sleep on tight
    Sleep on tight, til the sunlight
    Sleep on tight, til the sunlight burns you happy
    Til the sunlight burns you happy, till the sunlight burns a happy whole in
    Your heart,
    In your heart
    In your heart...

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