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    (Aretha Franklin)

    Without a word of warnin'
    Blues walked in this mornin'
    And circled 'round my lonely room

    I didn't know why I had that sad 'n lonely feelin'
    Until my baby called and said we were through, hooo
    For yesterday this time I sang a lovesong
    But today... I'm singing the blues


    Strikes me kinda funny
    How love can be this way
    We were lovin' 'til last night honey, yeah
    I'm alone again today

    And it strikes me kinda funny
    How fate can be unfair
    That I come right on the losin' end
    In every, every love affair!

    Yes it must be, it must be meant for me
    That I should be the one, be the one to always lose, hooo

    For yesterday!
    Yesterday this time I'd sing a love song
    Yeah, but right now - I'm singin the blues!
    Who-o-oh ye-he-heah!

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