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    Sister - you've been on my mind
    And sister - we're two of a kind
    So sister - I'm keepin' my eyes on you

    I bet you think I don't know nothin' - but singin' the blues
    Oh, and sister - have I got news for you
    I'm somethin' - i hope you think that you're somethin' too

    Oh and darlin'
    I've had a low life lomesone road
    And i've seen a lot of sun goin' down
    So entrust me
    No low life's gonna run me around

    So let me tell you somethin' sister - remember your name
    No twister - gonna steal your stuff away
    My sister - we sho' ain't got a whole lot of time

    Soooo shake you shimmy, sister
    'Cause honey this sure
    Is feelin' fiii-iiine!


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