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    Every day I see you looking in
    I'll be the smoothest thing to touch your skin
    You're longing to be loved but you're alone
    And your longing makes you shiver to the bone

    And no, your mama told you nothing of importance
    No, your daddy tought you nothing could learn
    You had your stister's weighing on your pockets
    And the priest, he tries so hard to get you turned

    Maybe you've been living lonely
    While your woman has a fellow on the side
    Your kids keep telling jokes that ain't that funny
    And you've failed in everything that comes to mind

    Now you see I'm only here to let you know
    That I love you and I'll never let you go
    So take me in the hand and walk on by
    For the life this has to offer twists inside

    Now your woman has a fellow in your bed
    You have to go, you have to move right in
    And the ring on your finger would leave another scar
    But the joke's on her, she hasn't seen it all

    So you sheffled up close and you shot him in the face
    And your woman looked on and your children, they embraced
    And the candle's still burning and the fire's roaring fire
    You moved right in, yeah, you moved right in

    Stuck, you're shaking, sweating, whining and regretting
    You're making a scene but it's gonna get you caught
    Meet me in the barrel and tell me that you love me
    Yes, this is a kiss that I swear will blow your mind

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