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    Without you my heart aches, but for one night the world stood still.
    Alone. Collected in a quiet way.
    The burden of self doubt goes up in flames.
    As the sunset bounced off darkened clouds.
    A peaceful memory grows that life goes on without you.
    There you were in my arms, staring into my eyes,
    I want to hold you and let you die.
    Regrets painted across star filled skies.
    Never knowing when our time would end.
    As the moonlight shines on hollow eyes.
    A frightful image grows.
    Life goes on without you.
    And there you were in my arms.
    Staring into my eyes.
    I want to hold you and let you die.
    Your everything I ever wanted,
    And now I'll watch you slowly die... and life goes on without you.

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