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    Take me from this hell.
    When are you calling?
    Tortured and blistered world.
    Darkness consumes us all.
    Lessons in civility right before you start to crawl underneath my skin.
    Well i know how this fucking ends.
    Darkness consumes us all and i'll break your fucking heart.
    I'm torn between right and wrong.
    Its apathy that wont make this a love song.
    I could not care less about you.
    There will come a day when prejudice dictates right and wrong.
    And darkness consumes us all.
    And it'll break your fucking heart.
    Cant you see that all the songs end the same.
    When you try you fail you lose you fightand you win.
    Well tis too bad life doesnt't have simple answers.
    And it breaks your heart that everything can't be a love song.
    And it breaks your heart.

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