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    say, you're a much nicer person
    since the hog's heart was inserted in you
    say how it is now with your new life

    well, there's no more aching
    or a heart breaking
    there's no more bacon for me

    I am a much happier person
    when up at dawn and down to earth
    and o I highly recommend it to thee

    you'll have no more crying
    no more sighing
    no more lying from me

    see I was once pig headed
    now I love to be petted
    in the mud to be bedded by thee

    I am more in my body
    with it more and less naughty
    o I think I’ll finally write that biography

    it will read: 'o so much aching
    there was oh so much bacon
    it was the massive coronary
    which opened my eyes to see'

    no more crying
    no more denying
    no more complying for me

    I have much more feeling
    I do much more squealing
    more reeling in the great mystery

    in fact I found my true law
    in my own body
    o I found my true law
    my doc he put it in me
    o I found my true love
    in the end it was me

    na na na na na na na na na na
    o o o o o o o...

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