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    I would like to writing and singing a song in english,
    Tongue that I've studied at the medium school.
    I'd surely find the way to recreate the original sound
    Of the wonderful Beatles english.
    I would pick up a girl and
    - thank you to the original sound of the wonderful Beatles english -
    I would conquer her,
    I would marry her and together we will farrow so many much childs.
    So we would live until the late age (her),
    While I would never die just like Highlander;
    But not like Sean Connery, better like Christopher Lambert:
    Young through the centuries but without cut the head.
    So every night I dream my unrealizable, unreasonable,
    Unrecognizable, unjamestaylorable, unstatesmanlike dream come true.
    How you call you? How many years you have?
    From where come? How stay?
    Not to be sad:
    The life is a thing wonderful and I am here for make it wonderfuler.
    Not see the my love for yourself?
    For force, not is visible.
    Not hear the sound of the my guitar?
    Is play from me; is play for you, is play for we.
    Oui, je t'aime, je t'aime - yes -, must to be the my girl;
    Come on the my car that I bring you at make one tour.
    What think of the my car?
    Is much beautiful, second me

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