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    I keep the summer in a frame, forget the fall outside
    That's how I make a living
    I keep on running my own game, I let no one inside
    This is where I'm driven
    You know nothing about my aim, you know nothing at all
    And that's the reason why I'm hiding
    Sometimes I can feel afraid, but I was told to let nothing on
    And anyway, I'm too old to be crying
    An maybe I'm just being too sensitive
    But things can seem overly intensive
    Withdrawn life, yelling world
    Yellow me
    No, I ain't expecting nothing of anybody else
    But too much of myself
    And I've managed to hold on the past two years
    Holding back forbidden tears and hidden fears
    I watch the sunset from my bed
    I watch the sun come up again, and that's what makes me older
    My only friend is at the end of the world
    The girl is just like me, and that's the reason I never call her
    An maybe I'm just being too sensitive
    But things can get overly intensive
    Withdrawn life, yellow sun
    Well, old me
    Yellow me
    And I'm too scared to seattle down
    I can't find the nerve to find my place in this forgotten town
    Your voice on the line again asking how I'm doing
    That's a tough question
    I guess we're getting to an end
    An maybe I'm just being too sensitive
    Or you were born overly intensive
    Withdrawn life, jealous man
    Yellow me
    Yellow me
    Yellow me

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