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    She said I tried to mind my own business.
    But that sad look on your face, was a challenge to my faith.
    Made me wanna chase the dark out of your room.
    So she smiled and said hello.
    Little did she know, he would take hold of her soul.
    And never never never let go.
    He was fine before he met her,
    Eyes like faded jeans, soft and blue and he had seen everything and he had been everywhere
    Til he turned his gaze her way
    Longed to see her everyday
    Heard a voice inside him say
    He'll never never never be the same.
    Once in a while
    Once in a blue moon.
    There comes somebody like you
    They caught fire and they got fever.
    He was more than fun
    She was more than young
    And the orange setting sun was beautiful
    Ever so at ease in the summer evening breeze
    They would talk and they would tease
    And never never never want to leave.
    Once in a while
    Once in a blue moon
    There comes somebody like you.

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