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    Just before the lights went out
    We sat up and talked about
    All the things that we would be
    I just wanted him to be with me

    But he had a mind of his own
    And he did not mind being alone
    Left me there in our little world
    Left me there like a little girl

    He said don't get hung up
    Hang ups will get you down
    He said don't look back
    Look up and then look around

    That time I was feeling high
    Like I never had to try
    To kick myself up out of bed
    Kick these worries out of my head

    He said it's better this way, yeah
    One day you'll understand
    He said I'm leavin' today and
    He let go of my hand

    I know that I'll never see him again
    I feel the same way that I saw him then
    I know that when I get back on my feet
    I will walk away from misery

    What do you say when it's all been said
    How do you feel when it's all been felt
    Where do you go when it's all gone
    And you don't care enough to carry on

    Well, I say close your eyes
    Look down deep inside
    Someone is there for you
    Someone who cares for you

    Well, I know it's easier to say then do
    Easier to look away than see it through
    I know it's easier to think than feel
    Easier to make it up than make it real

    Oh it's hard to love
    Oh it's hard not to love

    Oh it's hard to love
    Oh it's hard not to love

    Oh now take me ther don't leave me here (x2)

    Oh take me home and disappear

    Oh oh oh no no no no no no

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