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    He left home when she was seventeen
    We came back to see her
    She was older cold and even mean
    Not like we remembered

    Out along the old road
    Where the Indian Paintbrush grows
    She began to cry and said she wanted us to know

    There were hard times
    When the family was broken
    There were hard times
    Then she lit up a smoke and said

    Gonna open up my umbrella and keep it off of me
    It's so easy to go somewhere
    But so hard to leave
    I move far away and still the memories find me there
    When I hear the clock and see the dust come off the chair

    There were hard times
    I don't wanna remember
    There were hard times
    And I don't want to see ya

    Let the wind and white sheet blow through the room
    I can live with the ghosts but not with you
    It was never so easy saying goodbye

    Sitting at a bus stop
    Waiting for euphoria
    I've heard so much bad news today
    I don't think I can take anymore
    Of the hard times
    Shadows on the horizon
    All the hard times
    Rusty glow in the sunrise

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