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    Late at night, when I lie awake in bed
    Your eyes finally meet mine
    But you belong to someone else
    So fantasy is all I find
    Alive only in my mind
    Oh but to, creep into your room
    A little help from the silver moon
    To silently fill your dreams
    You'd take my hand and follow me to
    Another time, a land unseen

    Another woman's dream
    Come with me, on a wild fantasy
    Be one with earth, moon and sky
    Then lie with me awhile
    As we defy the hands of time!
    Come see the haven, I have buried deep inside
    Hear my secrets, dreams and fears
    Will you recognize my soul, before we grow too old?
    Late at night, in the darkness of my mind
    These visions haunt my dreams
    Of you and I searching silently apart
    Is it as crazy as it seems?
    I think I know what it means
    To break through this hell
    And cast a magic spell
    To send you back in time

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