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    I walked into a tavern to have a drink and kill some time
    A little boy approached me with tears in his eyes
    He wasn't more that five or six but he stood like a man
    With a tiny golden locket clutched in his little hand

    He opened up the locket I saw a picture there
    He said sir that's my mommie please have you seen her anywhere
    She's all I have now in this world I must find her if I can
    Then he kissed the tiny locket clutched in his little hand

    I watched him leave and wondered where he go from here
    Then the scream of brakes along the street turned me cold with fear
    I ran and saw him lying there in the street so cold and dead
    With the tiny golden locket still in his little hand

    A woman staggered from the car to see what she had done
    She looked upon his little face then recognized her only son
    She cried oh Lord what have I done forgive me if you can
    And the tiny golden locket fell from his little hand

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