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    Words & Music by
    Ed Bruce and Trey Bruce

    This old hat's hung on the bedpost too long
    Forgotten like some used to be
    Remembered like a song
    That all the words are so easy to recall
    Imagine that��this old hat

    It's seen day fade to night in an open sky
    Beneath the fury of the heavens
    Kept the rain out of my eyes
    Yet, somehow don't look as weathered as I
    This old hat

    This old hat's been down some dusty trails
    May not look as good as it did new
    The crown is stained, the brim is torn
    It's even been stepped on a time or two
    This old hat's just like an old friend
    Misplaced from time to time
    But it still fits
    They don't make 'em like they used to
    This old hat

    There was a time
    This old hat was in style
    'Cause it was different then
    It turned a few heads for awhile
    But what the hell, I might try it on again

    This old hat's been on the bedpost way too long

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