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    Words & Music by
    Ed Bruce, Glenn Ray & Patsy Bruce

    Too many dusty trailtowns, too few and far between
    Tired saloons with sawdust-covered floors
    Too many one more showdowns and aces over queens
    Winning's just a way of keeping score

    - Chorus -
    My ole pappy always told me your fate is in your hand
    Stand pat or draw, it's yours to choose
    Luck don't have a thing to do with how you play the game
    Maverick didn't come here to lose
    Maverick didn't come here to lose

    No one recalls the first hand, they all know who won the last
    And every man must find his place in time
    If all a man can count on is one day pushing up the grass
    When I do I lay you odds that grass is mine

    (Repeat Chorus)

    I 'm tired of leaving nothing, No one ever knows you're gone
    Someone's always there to take your seat
    I wonder how it feels to hear someone say "glad your home"
    Or greet the same ole friends on familiar street

    (Repeat Chorus)

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