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    Words & Music by
    Ed Bruce and Jim McBride

    He could never pay her back
    For all she's done for him
    She never asked for more
    Than what he could afford to spend back then
    And when the business got him down
    She wouldn't let him quit
    She'd say, "I believe someday you'll make it big
    All you need's a hit"

    She often had to work two jobs
    So he could play at night
    He'd chase his dream while she'd come home
    Too tired sometimes to eat a bite
    If give up came up, she'd say
    "Hon, I love you, don't forget
    I believe someday you'll finally make it big
    All you need's a hit"

    Then one day it hit him
    Like a bolt out of the blue
    He said, "What am I searching for
    So hard when I have you
    So he wrote her down on paper
    And he put a tune to it
    The inspiration for the one that made him big
    She was his greatest hit

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