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    Words & Music by
    Ed Bruce, Glenn Ray & Judith Bruce

    I'd sure like to help you, but I've heard it all before
    I'm sorry I can't tell you why she'd walk out that door
    All these years behind this bar, I've saved not one yet
    I haven't healed a broken heart, or helped one soul to forget

    - Chorus -
    But it's all on the jukebox in the corner
    If love's gone wrong
    George Strait or Jones have sung it in a song
    If misery love's company, you'll never be alone
    It's all on the jukebox, here's a quarter

    No sir, she's a stranger, haven't seen her here before
    But you might just arrange a two-step around the floor
    There's an empty stool beside her, let's send a drink her way
    The rest is up to you and her, and what that quarter plays

    (Repeat Chorus)

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