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    Ninety-nine years is a long long time to bust your back and the heart of mine
    You sweat so much you can't cry tears when you stop to think about ninety-nine years
    Ninety-nine years on a harder rock mine I work two years off of my time
    Ninety-nine years go so slow when you still got ninety-seven more to go

    Wrong kind woman got me in this mess wantin' pretty things and a satin red dress
    What I couldn't make she said I have to take and judge said ninety-nine for just this sake
    [ guitar ]
    I take a rest when the guard turns his head
    Hopin' he'll be nappin' maybe shoot me dead
    Those days drag by and the years go slow
    But thank God I only got ninety-seven more to go
    Ninety-nine years on a harder rock...

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