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    This very night the train was right on time
    Baby stepped aboard and left the both of us behind now
    You've got to make your day and I've got to make my way
    Somehow someway away from you Memphis morning
    She's to me what sunshine is to you
    Her train cross the river flying now what will I do like
    Sunshine helps make your day she helped in her own way
    Without sunshine flowers waste away Memphis morning
    Oh oh Memphis morning you're not so pretty anymore
    Raise your bridges start your whistles blowing
    I don't know what I'm hanging round for Memphis morning

    Now you hold too many memories
    Best thing I can do is leave you with 'em without me well
    If I come back this way now I'll try to plan my day
    So you won't see me passing through Memphis morning
    Oh oh Memphis morning...

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