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    Oh Lord if I could just go home I'd do things different from now on
    There wouldn't be near the gray in my old daddy's hair
    Oh Lord if I could just go home

    I know it wasn't daddy's fault that mama died when I was just a kid
    And the best that he could do to raise me right was all he ever did
    And I know he'd love mama a lot longer than I had and he was every bit as alone
    But I don't guess I'd helped too much to build a happy home
    He made sure I got to church every Sunday the way mama had always done
    And he was always sorry he had to work so hard and he never had much time for fun
    He knew I missed mama a lot
    And maybe he was easier on me than he should have been
    But it sure ain't his fault that I didn't turn out to be much a man
    Well I've grew on into my teens and I guess I thought I was a real hard stuff
    Goin' into town hangin' around bars and actin' pretty tough
    Well I'm looking out at a different set of bars now
    And that little window don't let it much light
    You see I got roarin' drinkin' mad one night and I killed the man in a fight
    I got a letter from back home the other day
    Saying dad had a stroke and he ain't doin' too good
    Well if I had done right I'd be there now to help him and God you know I would
    And I'd pay him back for all the years of love that he gave me
    And I'd be a better man the way I was taught to be
    Oh Lord if I could just go home

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