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    I could tell you that it don't hurt you're leavin' me
    And I could say it never really matter the way you've always treated me
    Baby I could lie to you some more and say I won't cry when you walk out back door
    But I know better
    If someone had just told me you would be like this
    I'd always runnin' and lookin' and a wantin' to taste some stranger's kiss
    Baby that have been good advice I took
    I tell myself I'd never even givin' you a second look
    But I know better
    Go on and have your fun see the town and run around
    I don't think you've got too much longer to run
    There'll come a time when you're too tired to run
    And bright lights and booze have got you too used up for anyone's fun
    Baby you'll expect to start again with me back before our love begin to end
    But I know better
    Go on and have your fun...

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