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    Words & Music by
    Ed Bruce and Donnie Blanz

    At the door at five a.m.
    Off to bust my back again
    And here you are, kissing me goodbye
    Suddenly the day at hand
    Doesn't seem to be so bad
    Once again, you make things alright

    - Chorus -
    How do you do that
    You find diamonds in the drops of rain that fall
    While I just get wet
    You let the sun shine through it all
    It's a wonder to me
    How do you do that

    You call to say "Honey, hurry home"
    You've thought about us all day long
    Baby, tonight we're staying in
    We'll count the stars on a moonless night
    Watch the shadows by candlelight
    And you'll love me like the first time again

    (Repeat Chorus)

    You're a wonder to me
    How do you do that

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