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    Words & Music by
    Ed Bruce and Phil O'Donnell

    Second day of third grade, Three Oaks Elementary
    She sat in the first row, I was all the way across the room
    It might as well have been the far side of the moon
    I had to get her attention, she wouldn't look at me
    I waited for the bell to ring, and when we went outside for recess
    I put a cricket down the backside of her dress
    Had to take a note home, Mama spanked my butt
    Daddy hugged me, "Son, that's part of growing up"

    You live and learn to give and take
    When to use your strength
    And when you need a gentle touch
    Sometimes it takes patience
    Sometimes a greater store of love
    You learn it growing up

    Andy was my best friend, all the way through high school
    We couldn't wait for Friday night
    We'd chip in change for gas in his car and roam
    One night I was grounded so he went out on his own
    Two o'clock in the morning, I'd just gotten to sleep
    Mama took the call and woke me
    "That was Andy's Daddy on the phone"
    Andy missed that hairpin curve on Levee Road
    Andy loved to run hard, he never buckled up
    Mama held me when I cried growing up

    You live and learn to give and take
    When to pray for strength
    When understanding's not enough
    Look life in the eye
    Even when the road gets rough
    It's not easy growing up

    I can't forget the day she called me home from work
    The pains were getting closer
    She said, "Hon, don't panic, but it's time to go"
    We named him "Andy" for a friend I used to know
    It hit me just this morning, I dropped him off at school
    No great revelation
    I bowed my head and thanked the Lord for all I've got
    Little league and family picnics in the park
    Both our folks are doing well, the circle's filling out
    I treasure every moment; I'm still growing up

    You live and learn to give and take
    Always try to do your best
    And hope that it's enough
    If you don't lose the faith
    You'll always find the love
    It's all part of growing up

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