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    There was only me and her and him
    The bar was giving last call so I thought I'd move on in
    And I was slick and feeling like a man so I took the stool between 'em
    And ordered one more round for me and her and him
    I placed my arms across the back of her barstool
    And I don't remember what I said but at the time it sounded cool
    She pushed her drink away and never looked at me
    She just paid her tab tipped the man and left me sittin' there alone with him
    And he said there's girls and there's women and there's ladies
    There's yes'es and there's no's and there's maybe's
    There's teasin' and pleasin' they start learnin' when they're babies
    There's girls and there's women and there's ladies

    Well he pushed his old straw hat back and he grinned
    And he said ain't they all a mystery ha ha sonny it's a sin
    They're all sittin' on the world they're tryin' to win
    Ah but you know I love a mystery
    So let's drink another round to you and me and them
    He said there's girls...
    There's girls and there's women...
    He said there's girls...

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