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    Words & Music by
    Ed Bruce and Dee Moeller

    Were there never quite enough Sundays
    Did I leave out a birthday or two
    Did I make too much of mere holiday fluff
    When a rose just on Tuesday would do
    Did I say often enough you look pretty
    Did I tell you you meant everything
    Did I ever say you still take my breath away
    Or did he say it better than me

    Did I always say I'm sorry I hurt you
    Did I always know when I did
    Were there some signs, if I'd paid more attention
    Well, I'll pay for it now, long as I live
    Did I ever say you're my heart
    That I couldn't live without you
    As long as there's breath in this body of mine
    This old heart will keep beating for you

    Now, did he say it better than me

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