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    There's a parking lot where the corner cafe stood
    One of the places we first fell in love
    They've built a waterslide on the bluff by the riverside
    Where we first fumbled our way into love
    And you hardly ever hear it it's a golden oldie now
    But you and I danced to it at least a thousand miles
    We ran with Bobby and his wife her name I can't recall
    We had lots of fun and love hardly anything else at all
    The things we knew are turning brown and gray with age or gone
    It's funny how the years slip by I can't help but wonder why
    Sometimes it doesn't seem that long
    After all these years after all the joys and tears
    After all is said and done after most of everything we knew is gone
    I still love you
    [ guitar ]
    After all these years...
    After all

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