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    When the night covers us
    City's quiet
    I can. can hear a voice from the dark
    I can't even keep out
    Is this a moan from me... ?
    No please!
    No more suffering!
    Destiny is calling me now
    Pulse gets faster at each moment
    Shall I die?
    I'll decide
    I'm afraid of the unknown
    Of unseen

    Maybe it's what I believe
    Something's killing
    Something's killing me fast deep inside
    Nightmares emerging here
    Future is uncertain,
    Hidden is my ending
    Will my soul return to me?
    Agony is killing me
    Shall I die?
    I'll decide
    No more hopes just in vain
    I've decided

    I'll keep fighting
    I don't want to die
    Sickness's in my mind but
    It hurts me
    I'll keep fighting
    Let me try
    Don't wanna to die!

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