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    You don't believe in me
    Things never come easy
    Only want what I deserve
    Nothings for free

    Black crows in the sky above
    But I'm not finished
    Stand up, hit the road, go on
    I won't stop here
    Doesn't hurt me

    Your cold gaze, no more!

    The time has come
    We're here now
    Time to complete what
    We have begun
    A long way gone
    See the end now
    Prove to yourself
    That they were wrong

    You think you know it all
    Your scorn wont get me
    My life wont fit in your mind
    Just let me be

    Now my fate belongs to me
    Won't follow others
    Now I'll decide where to go
    I won't be here
    They won't find me

    Your cold gaze, no more!

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