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    I can only say goodbye
    In my dreams when you appear
    I've lost my best friend
    My partner of tears
    It's our farewell
    My guardian has gone

    Feeling you so close tonight
    I only wish you can enjoy
    A world with no lies
    Where Sun shines just for you
    Where the Moon now embraces your soul

    No one to share with
    There's no one to lead me
    Feeling alone is being dead
    Why did you leave me?
    Say why you and not me
    I'm the one who has buried my dreams

    Here everything is just memories of you
    I'm alive but my soul died with you...

    No one to share with...

    No one to share with
    This song I have written
    Hear my voice, won't be memories apart
    Who will I care for?
    Together, sleepless
    It has no sense now if you are not here

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