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    I can feel you're here
    Hear your voice
    Singing that fatefull song
    I can feel your hands close to me
    Like sun and earth at dawn

    Why did you leave here?
    Why your voice seem so sad and lost?
    Why did you leave here?
    Why come back?
    Why this ghost from the past?

    One day you said to me "I have to go"
    Then you kissed me and disappeared through the fog
    If only that letter had no arrived
    And this day was the last I saw you alive

    While I was in hell
    Every night in my dreams
    I heard your sweet voice
    Awakening my hopes to return

    Rain can't clean my tears
    And nobody but you can feel my pain
    My life is an endless nightmare

    I have come to save you
    Take my hand
    Leave this life behind

    I don't want to die
    Take my hand
    Leave this life behind

    I don't want to die
    Stay away from me
    Let me forgive

    (Surrender to me)

    Why did u have to go one day?
    If only you hadn't gone to this stupid war
    I still loving you so much
    But you can't say this to me
    So take you ball and chain
    Get out of here
    Leave me alone...

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