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    Psychosomatic infestation, multisensoric infatuation
    Mass media sublimination, tearing our defenses down
    Feeding us shit as we beg for more, American way trend fucking whores
    One's not enough, we need ten more, consume, digest, destroy, discard

    Tearing in the afterbirth of a bastard child, a hated son
    Looking on in disbelief, as our resources burn
    This is our legacy, a crime against humanity
    To feed our lives, everything must die

    >From the moment we are born, until our days are dying
    We're violated, crucified, and burned upon the corporate cross
    A disposable economy, built on waste and tragedy
    We eat the fast food of indifference, and suffocate as one

    Coerced by our campaign, it demands our surrender
    We're dying slowly, for the pleasure of this machine
    Assembly lines automate, steal jobs from us all
    They just don't give a fuck, no one gives a fuck
    Just cower as these bastards gag on their riches
    Living off the prayers and hopes of our families
    It's all gone

    In our qquest for convenience, sanity has died
    Burying independant commerce under corporate shit
    Multi-million ad campaign fulfills subconcious needs
    Procreate our misery, feed the enemy

    Bleed, fucking burn, burn this American dream
    Pummel our independence, drive it to it's knees

    No one to blame but ourselves as our capitalist dream collapses
    And economic vengeance unleashed

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