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    Unweaving strands of failure
    Propagating the obscene
    Intentions gone asunder
    Tearing down the human facade
    (I will give life) Relentless pursuit of action
    (I will decide) The traits that blind humanity
    (Regenerate) Reliving the generations
    (A boundless chain) Correcting their mistakes

    Solutions we seek to our mortality
    Tampering in greed, inflated arrogance
    Nature's course diverted, by men who interfere
    Rampant emptiness, reject this world

    Blindly seizing solace in easily spun lies
    Mutations in the genome chain improve our quality of life
    Blindly seizing refuge in ten billion dollar lies
    We're consumed by both sides, then shit out to die

    Living this undying prophecy, resurrect what should remain dead
    Fleshing out this unspoken travesty, all of us fight this unholy war
    Sinking into a mockery of truth, we become miskeepers of mankind
    Unrestrained avarice, we would become God

    Magnified self-preservation, living disease
    Inured, soulless, dull vanity
    A system of subjugation, order constrained
    Hordes of drones, just for more

    Buying into everything, the pulpit of lies
    The path to truth is frozen, politicized
    Stuffing the world full of vagrant inbred drones
    To control who they are

    Instinct, we breed, compulsively
    Regeneration epidemic, simulate reality
    Suspend a mass, monopolized
    Triumphs of technology, the maladjusted ciphers
    Perverse, corrupt power scheme
    Meddling incompetence, creating minds that misfire
    Who will survive?

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