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    Dark, crimson tides of blood
    Will flow like water into wine
    I smell you fear,
    Our lives coincide
    Please respect, the presence of
    The dead
    For they weep, they are damned
    Spite filled eyes, cold and black
    Profane slut of darkness
    Let me in your mind
    Unholy procreation
    I give the gift of life
    Fuck your faith and doctrine
    I've no concern for lies
    In our dying embrace
    We coalesce in pain
    A heartless, empty shallow way to die
    I draw my face up closer to your
    Milk white skin
    In rivulets tears of blood
    Stream slowly down
    Rape... Altar stained... Stained
    With blood
    Lord... Please forgive...
    ... No response
    Faith... Broken pride... Left to die
    There's no point in living
    Rip your fucking head off
    Slut you've lost your privilege
    Hate shows no resistance
    Fuck your righteous ways
    Gone, dead, fucking wasted
    With your throat in my hands
    Choke your life away
    As death comes forth to claim you
    I bend my knees and pray
    "love it transcends time,
    One thousands worlds and more,
    Your flesh forever mine
    My god damned angel whore..."

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