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    Scores upon scores, what vengeance is right?
    Where did all this shit originate?
    Spiral of endless unlawful death
    Wildfire of hatred, barbaric vice

    Fighting for their own opression, absolute allegiance, unrestrained killing
    Without cause
    Wanton psychopathic action, rabid empty conscience, indelible, never

    Paranoia, offensive escalation, pointless bloodshed, hopelessly consumed
    Mobs of irate radicals, fanatical devotion
    Brute force, worn out, know nothing else, their life is hell, death gives
    Them purpose

    Vacant sense of their own worth, unsanctioned war, destruction
    Misdirected anger, reactionary homicide

    Retaliation, adolescent grasp of culpability, bringing others misery
    Taking out their fury on someone else
    Cold-blooded prejudice, slaughtering innocents

    Death is all that matters, trade their life for mass murder
    Poised to inflict mass suffering and pain
    Genocide, prophesied, condoned by the word

    Misperceiving truth, inducements to explosive violence, decimation is their
    Sole intention
    Suicidal terrorists keep squandering their lives, meaningless sacrifice
    Another generation, to serve a vengeful incarnation, dying for a useless

    Constant aggressors, born antagonists, permanent ignorance
    Decades behind, they steal technology, immoral misuse

    Paranoia, escalation, pointless bloodshed, no horror spared
    Cheap vain murder, know nothing else,
    Brute force, worn out, a world of shit
    Short-sighted spiritual poverty, desperate search to fill a hollow void
    Lying in wait for a weakness, exploiting any vulnerability

    Children, who'll die while they're young - stupid, more wasted life
    Monstrous, desensitized dictator, orders them to die
    Violent assault, presuming salvation awaits beyond
    No hope for their future, they war unto their end

    Dysfunction, poisoned, ignorance reigns
    The cycle protects it's own, momentum impedes it's change
    Corrupted young minds die, old minds alike succumb
    Totalitarian seduction, it's a fucking lie

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