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    Provocation undeclared, like cowards they advance, attacking the unarmed
    Campaign of dishonor, calculated violence inflicted on civilians
    Narrow-minded wrath, self-righteous anger, acting out intolerance
    Damning themselves, accursed adversaries of God-given liberty

    Terror, innocent life destroyed by
    Cowards, committing crimes, injustice
    Empty, nothing to hope for but death
    Brainwashed, programmed from birth, to hate

    Idiot protests, from luxury of safety, ignorant of facts
    Preaching dull inaction, as burning towers fall, shattering the peace
    Stab us in the back, awaken our revenge, our appetite to kill
    United in grief, we accept your invitation to erase you all

    They want to kill the free, the liberated "infidels"
    They claim no fear of death, they'll see it soon enough
    Suitable response, build a proper case, collect the evidence, discover what
    They tried to hide
    Necessary force, accurate assault, our justified revenge, we'll live to see
    Them die

    One Shot, One Kill
    Extremist factions, bear arms without honor, attacking our public
    One Shot, One Kill
    Covert involvement, outlaw callow leaders, ignoble denial
    One Shot, One Kill
    Our captured soldiers, tortured to death, defiled human corpses

    Hundreds confirmed, not one ever saw me
    Punishment, requited in blood
    Enemies, threats, eliminate them
    Reciprocity, I deliver

    No escape, I'll find them
    Their vain cause, they'll die for their crimes
    Ponder judgment of this
    Walking corpse with seconds left to live

    With this weapon I damn the malignant
    Forward the bolt slides into place
    High-speed alloy, pierce the hearts of evil
    Fucking rats, to rot in obstruction

    Approach by stealth, in silence I strike, penetrate all their defenses
    Enemy lines, dissected, besieged, annihilation to meet my objective
    Sanctioned psy-ops, imminent targets, predatory infiltration
    Lethal resolve, warfare command, precision of fire, I'll terminate your life

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