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    Windswept wasteland
    Underneath a Balkan sky
    U.N. Peace plan?
    Just another fucking lie
    Why can't we just kill them all
    My contempt is so deep, so strong
    5 fucking years through the blood
    And the tears
    The fuckers hitting us time to fuck
    Them all back
    No N.A.T.O., no peace, just total
    Fucking death
    Just killing and dying and
    Slaughter and pain
    We become what you hate
    We can not be expected to exist
    With them
    Beneath the cross slaves will pray
    No return to the past blood is on
    Our hands
    Burn their homes rape their lands
    Forced into the Adriatic, save our lives
    Europe is unconscious
    What the fuck are "Peace Troops" for?
    Time stands so still
    Gone, erased, and god forsaken
    Peace, a parable of war
    Now we wait for retribution
    God will punish them in time
    Spread the war from Croatia into Belgrade
    Kill and fucking kill some more
    Have we reached the ending?
    Nothing's left alive
    And our fucking nation
    Will never survive
    God left us wanting
    (War that never ceased)
    What we never could have
    (Everlasting peace)
    3 fucking races
    (Religious enmity)
    One fucking land
    (For eternity)

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