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    Radiation plague, fallout rain laid earth waste,
    Year 2000 gone, how could we not have known sun starts to die,
    Nightfall wartorn landscape,
    On all others stand pure-bred fucking madman,
    DNA is life, eugenic crop, humans god-like, created in a lab,
    High-priced, perfect, flawless, fall to your knees,
    Your mind is fucking raped, the domination breed,
    The perfect god damned race, spreading of the seed,
    Perpetual disease, lies are all the same,
    Dead and common place,
    Spitting in the face of god, annihilation interface,
    Creation of a hell on earth, traces of your life erased,
    Machines are rolling over all the... remnants of our fucking lives
    Obliderated cities are the... monuments to genocide
    Welcome to the century of paradise and unity,
    Where bullets are the bible, and everyone's the enemy
    Eliminate the rest, one brood, from the best stock,
    Only to survive, initiates, reproduction,
    You can't teach a corpse, how to fucking live
    You can't know the hate, that drives the blood in them,
    How can it hurt, when you can not feel
    Just close your eyes, a dream that's all too real,
    Let the dead fall in front of them,
    Carry out the sentence handed down,
    All dead again, cause they never get far
    And it's always on to them, cut down while they run,
    Terror eats the soul of every man,
    Cyber corpses need to kill to justify their plan,
    Human cattle fighting for a world they can't defend,
    Never-under-estimate, paralyzed hope in quick decline,
    Terminate the, masses for the goal is death divine,
    Execute without a care the war is lost in time,
    Fucking let them die, modern day ape is on the rise,
    Taking on the system that gave birth to test-tube life,
    Now they are the tumor on brain desensitized ,
    They-are-the-off-spring and children god,
    Science is dead, from human flaws,
    Now - they - have - conquered and, slaughtered us all,
    Through ethnic laws, weed out the weak,
    Only their kind can live on, demons are inside of me,
    Disinformation leprosy, patriotic arrogance, eradicates intelligence,
    Soldiers are the children of the existential atom bomb,
    Products of a paranormal suicidal vision-quest,
    Subversive paranoia through a, televised holocaust
    Growth of insurrection causes massive unrelenting loss.

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