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    Societal advancement, an agenda of control
    Forcing the elimination of hereditary flaws
    Licensed breeding protocol, man's course decided
    Incarcerating violaters
    Their spawn aborted, state required forfeit

    Human perfection far beyond our grasp
    Cut out random flaws, leaving glitches behind them
    Talents that lay dormant, left withered in the womb
    Pre-determined course, they take no chances

    Sleep, submit, obey, accept it
    Nature rejected, culture forgotten
    Dwell in their complacency
    Drop your defenses, swallow their bullshit
    Close down all your doubtful dreams
    They will not happen, you don't have it in you
    Their emotions stripped away
    The depth of man measured, proudly dismissed

    Traits that bear malignant traces, recognized without a cure
    Magnify the scorn upon the disadvantaged
    Living off the toil of others, the rich inflate themselves
    Treading on their laborers, burdened by destitution

    Born to be slaves, from birth the rich own them
    Rigid system, caste of reproduction
    Sequence profile, science of misplaced trust
    Tyrants protect their own

    Propagate subordination
    Despondence, contrived alignment
    Oppression, induce class hatred
    Insurgents revolt against them

    Disregard their vacant morals
    Interrupt their hoarded power
    They will fall, the balance will shift
    Overturn their world of shit

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