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    i once met a young girl filled with fire, that saw through my front to this shell of a man she knew i'd be a handful from the start, this strong willed woman had an angel's heart the holes in these wings don't allow me to fly so you'd better brace for a life of pain, and if fate is the path to this better life somehow i feel you'll never see the faces change chourus: through thick and thin, she stood by you she held the key to my broken heart i look back and wonder, sit and ponder. how i could have ever neglected you. for the blood soaked soil on the old ball field, i gambled on a hand i wasn't ready to lose but if the tables were turned and i faced the troubles, tough times and strugles i put you through i'd of been there as you were through hardship and horror my life and my love are pledged to you. chorus: remember the nights she waited and wondered, fused to a myth that it had taken it's toll. but this godless man has mended his way, never again will she be alone. i remember it well, still i always knew that she was destined to be my bride this woman had pride, she was full of life. i could see the passion in her eyes. she thought she found a man, but she fell for the devil an evil monster in disguise. now i'll honor and obey, forever stay. true to you, my irish rose chorus:

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