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    It's another November evening
    As you remember your way home
    You mete out your aggressions
    On what's left of your blackened soul
    You've come to this conclusion
    As you're dragged from another bloody fight
    You've reached the age where you've decided
    That you've lived out your whole life
    Another busted knuckle, taken down by a kick to the balls
    You've wasting time wasting time as life's shadow grows so tall
    It's another busted knuckle, it's a fight you'll never win
    And now you bow your head in shame, for a sin no one forgives

    Fight, fight, you'll never win
    Tonight I'll start again
    Fight, fight, you'll never win
    How will I make amends
    This is our life, this is our time
    This is my life don't waste my time

    Your wife can't understand you
    And you've alienated your oldest friends
    Breaking back and fingers to the bone
    Burning candles at both ends

    Tired of this petty life you lead
    A series of dull events
    A two-bit, half-assed effigy
    Of someone else's dread

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