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    If they can make a law then I can break a law
    If I can break the law will the law break me?
    It comes tumbling down again, I can't comprehend, is it destiny
    Your nomadic state, are you a refugee, no place to call your home
    Forever walk alone as the world goes on
    Forgotten by the ones you've known

    And all the words you gave me
    I lost on bended knee
    But you can't stop these cravings
    Just by praying they would cease

    If I can make a life, then I can take a life
    And if I save a life, will this life save me

    Time after time I still seem to find you're looking out for me
    So wrap your arms around me, hold me close and don't let go
    Let me lean on you as I think things though, if I dont't we'll never know


    Will your faith save me
    Will I find this place where I belong
    Can you protect me from my troubles, keep me safe from harm
    Will you help me carry on

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